CCTV Systems
CCTV is a video surveillance system that records video images of people and objects for the required period. It can be useful for home and commercial needs. Thanks to the CCTV system, you can remotely monitor objects in real time, as well as receive a pop-up notification on your phone, tablet or computer.
The video surveillance system consists of: a camera - which shoots and transmits a video image, cables or a Wi-Fi device - this is the way of data transmission (video), a recorder with a hard disk
inside - the recorder receives and processes video information and writes it to a hard disk.
For simple monitoring of the perimeter, you can use simple cameras or cameras with a rotating mechanism to record 24 hours. For a high-quality video image at night, you can use the ColorVu camera, which allows you to get a clear colour picture in the almost complete absence of lighting

Perimeter control (security)
For perimeter protection, you can use cameras with intelligent analysis technology react only to people and vehicles, reducing the number of false positives. Send an intrusion alarm to your phone or control centre and can scare off intruders with a beep or flashing strobe light.
And also automatic tracking of objects is possible.

Transport control
For easier control of parking and checkpoints, you can use ANPR cameras that recognize license plates, open the barrier for vehicles from the "white list" (staff, VIPs, registered visitors) and signal the appearance of cars from the "black list". Detailed traffic statistics are kept. And also monitors compliance with parking rules, controls the traffic and speed of vehicles, records violations and incidents.

Face recognition
To search for people or control in classrooms, you can use cameras with a face recognition function; it identifies people from the “black list” (suspects, criminals) or strangers and sends prompt notification to security guards. Export statistics as reports with face photos