The intercom system is a simple and reliable way to restrict access to the territory of a private house or office premises and ensure comfortable communication between the visitor and the owner of the premises, allowing them to be identified without opening the door. Thanks to the intercom system, you can remotely see who is knocking at your door and talk to them.
Most often, the intercom system consists of: an outdoor station - installed in front of the entrance with which the visitor can contact the subscriber by pressing the call button, an electric lock - keeps the door locked, a power supply unit with batteries - powers the entire system (outdoor station, handset and electric lock), cables - for power and data cables or Wi-Fi, a handset or videophones - which receives an audio or video signal from a visitor and
a door opening button.
Opening doors
For convenient communication with the visitor and opening the doors from the inside of the room, you can use a simple intercom system. You can also use a video intercom to register missed visits and remotely communicate using your phone

Remote gate opening
For remote opening of the gate, it is also possible to use an intercom system connected to an automatic gate with or without a video call and with the possibility of registering calls.

Offices and apartments
For apartments or offices, you can use an intercom system. For more comfort, you can add a keyboard, a card reader to the intercom system. Can be connected to barrier and even added (connected) to the access control system