Today, technology is developing at a very high speed. Every day there are new solutions and new needs, which is why our company offers a different range of solutions to ensure the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure and equipment in the enterprise and ensure the security of the office and production.
We will supply you with computer and printing equipment and server equipment, mount low-voltage systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, security alarms, equip meeting and conference rooms, bring data about all equipment to the situation center, where we will set up the possibility of remote control of all necessary systems.
If you need help with a particular system, contact our qualified engineer and they will help you solve your problem.
Server Cabinets And Racks
A server room is a physical space that stores all the data passing through the computer network of an enterprise or organization. Most IT professionals spend a lot of time there, troubleshooting server or network issues and performing scheduled maintenance. For a good result, create a safe, spacious and comfortable server room for the entire IT team.
We will help you with the installation of the server room, the installation of the server cabinet rack and when moving the company, the dismantling of the server room and equipment.

Conference rooms
The development of IT technologies expands the methods and ways of presenting information in public and commercial activities. In the field of negotiations with partners and contractors, the equipment of conference rooms is of paramount importance. The new equipment will increase the enthusiasm of the audience, present the object under discussion in an engaging way, and allow participants to achieve loyalty without any extra effort.

Video walls
A video wall is a single large diagonal screen made up of smaller displays. Each of the constituent displays reproduces its own part of the image, which together creates a complete picture on the video wall. The displays are synchronized with each other by a special video processor.